Crystal structure and multiferroic properties of Gd-substituted BiFeO3


Room-temperature crystal structure, local ferroelectric, and magnetic properties of the Bi1-xGdxFeO3 (x=0.1,0.2,0.3) polycrystalline samples have been investigated by x-ray diffraction, piezoresponse force microscopy, and magnetometry techniques. Performed measurements have revealed a sequence of the composition-driven structural phase transitions R3c -> Pn2(1)a (occurs at x similar to 0.1) and Pn2(1)a -> Pnma (takes place within the concentrational range of 0.2 < x < 0.3). The latter structural transformation is attributed to the substitution-induced suppression of the polar displacements. Gd substitution has been shown to effectively induce the appearance of the spontaneous magnetization, thus indicating a promising way for improving multiferroic properties of antiferromagnetic BiFeO3.






Khomchenko, VA; Kiselev, DA; Bdikin, IK; Shvartsman, VV; Borisov, P; Kleemann, W; Vieira, JM; Kholkin, AL

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V. A. K. is grateful to the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) of Portugal for financial support (Grant No. SFRH/BPD/26163/2005). P. B. is grateful to the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for financial support through Grant No. SFB 491. The work was done within the EC-funded project

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