Ferroelectricity in synthetic biomaterials: Hydroxyapatite and polypeptides


Ferroelectricity is an important functional property that enables switching of spontaneous polarisation under the application of an external electric field. Ferroelectric phenomena are essential for many organic and biological molecules collectively known as bioferroelectrics. This chapter presents an overview of the main issues of bioferroelectricity in synthetic biomaterials and their manifestation in organic compounds. As a showcase of novel biopiezomaterials, the investigation of hydroxyapatite nanocrystals — a natural form of the major mineral component of bone, and polypeptides, a novel and unique class of self-assembled functional biomaterials, is described in more detail.


M. Ivanov, S. Kopyl, S.A.M. Tofail, K. Ryan, B.J. Rodriguez, V. Ya. Shur, and A. L. Kholkin

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