30 June 2023

Luís Carlos elected Full Member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences

Luís Carlos elected Full Member of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences

Luís Carlos, a researcher at the Department of Physics (DFis) and CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials at the University of Aveiro (UA), has been elected as a full member of the 2nd Section - Physics of the Science Class of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences (ACL). Elected on May 25th, Luís Carlos, an expert in the field of optical properties of materials, sees his scientific merit recognized for the work carried out over the past three decades.

"This distinction is a recognition of the work done at UA, DFis, and CICECO, in collaboration with numerous research groups from different countries," points out Luís Carlos. "This work has been developed in the research group on nanomaterials and photonic hybrid materials (Phantom-G) that I created in 2000, counting on the effort and dedication of many of its members (current or past), thus also attesting to their scientific merit," emphasizes the UA researcher.

Therefore, Luís Carlos thanks all of them, especially the students he has guided, as well as UA, particularly DFis and CICECO, "for creating the conditions that allowed the development of an internationally visible research group at UA, pioneering the study of luminescent nanothermometers and organic-inorganic hybrid light emitters."

"I am extremely honored by this election," congratulates Luís Carlos, adding, "I hope to continue enjoying the sweet breeze of discovery, collaborating in the development of research carried out at UA, and contributing to its international affirmation. Promoting and encouraging scientific research conducted in Portuguese institutions and participating in the dissemination of the results of this research are also goals of ACL."

A lifetime dedicated to Physics

Graduated in Physics from the University of Coimbra and with a doctorate from the University of Évora in 1995 (also in Physics), Luís Carlos joined UA in 1996 as an Assistant Professor. However, his connection to the institution dates back earlier, as he developed part of his doctoral work at DFis, where he is currently a Full Professor. He is also a corresponding member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences.

Luís Carlos is a member of UA's General Council, chairman of the disciplinary committee, and was vice-director of CICECO between 2009 and 2019. He was the coordinator of the scientific committee of DFis, director of the Undergraduate Degree in Physics Engineering, and a member of numerous institutional committees (e.g., electoral committee, performance evaluation of teaching staff, awarding the title of Professor and Emeritus Researcher, committee for choosing directors, DFis restricted committee, specific committee of the Scientific Council for the evaluation of processes of permanent appointment of teachers in the Sciences area). He has been involved in mentoring and supervising students/researchers at various levels (post-doctorate, doctoral, and master's), with researchers from 12 countries conducting part of their research in Aveiro for short periods (2-6 months) in the last two decades.

Over the years, he has developed an intense activity as an evaluator of courses, projects, scholarships, and scientific publications, and as an editor of several scientific journals in the fields of Physics (Physica B, Journal of Luminescence) and Chemistry (Frontiers in Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Section, and ChemPhotoChem). He is also the representative of the Portuguese Society of Physics on the scientific advisory board of The European Physical Journal.

Luís Carlos is a co-author of more than 560 articles published in peer-reviewed international journals (with over 26,000 citations) and the inventor of 5 patents. He has received the Excellence Incentive Awards (Foundation for Science and Technology, 2004), Najing Tech Visiting Professorship (Nanjing Tech University, 2016), and ICOM 2022 (6th International Conference on the Physics of Optical Materials and Devices), and has given around two hundred invited lectures at international conferences and seminars in European, American, and Asian institutions.

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