4 April 2023

MOFs as Diagnostic Tools for Amyloid Diseases: Insights for Future Directions

MOFs as Diagnostic Tools for Amyloid Diseases: Insights for Future Directions

In recent years, diseases such as Alzheimer ’s and Parkinson’s have affected millions of people. While there is no effective treatment, early-stage diagnostics are still the best tools to ease the progression of these diseases. Recently a group of researchers from the Department of Chemistry and CICECO – Aveiro Institute of Materials (Filipe A. Almeida Paz, Flávio Figueira and Ricardo F. Mendes), in collaboration with researchers from i3S (University of Porto), reflected on the most recent developments in this area in a review article published in the prestigious ACS Sensors journal from the American Chemical Society. This review highlights how Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) can be incorporated and used into tools capable of diagnosing amyloid diseases. MOFs are porous materials with large surface areas and low fabrication costs. The combination of these materials with biological recognition units is considered an important first step towards the development of new point-of-care sensors capable of fast, user-friendly detection of a wide array of pathologies. The article is prolific in showing how MOFs can be used as amyloid diagnostic tools, further providing an insightful tool for future research in this area. The authors believe that the high impact of this work will surely initiate discussion on the subject in the scientific community and open new avenues of research in this area by taking advantage of the unique properties of MOFs.

This article was one of the top 10 most read papers in March 2023 at ACS Sensors, demonstrating the high interest in this innovative approach for disease diagnosis.

Article Reference

José P. Leite, Flávio Figueira, Ricardo F. Mendes, Filipe A. Almeida Paz, and Luís Gales, Metal–Organic Frameworks as Sensors for Human Amyloid Diseases, ACS Sens. 2023, 8, 3, 1033–1053.

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