18 October 2023

CICECO SPOTLIGHT: Luis Carlos highlights luminiscent nanothermometry

CICECO SPOTLIGHT: Luis Carlos highlights luminiscent nanothermometry

CICECO SPOTLIGHT is the new communication science series of the Aveiro Materials Institute of Aveiro. Luís Carlos and his team are the first CICECO SPOTLIGHT's guest. The researcher explains how to use light to measure temperature. With the advent of nanotechnology, there is the possibility of measuring temperature at very small scales using a property called luminescence. The applications are diverse in various domains, such as in the field of microelectronics and nanomedicine.



The episodes are available in YouTube, other CICECO social media and in CICECO website. Check out the first season's calender: 

1/8 CICECO SPOTLIGHT _  Luminescent Nanothermometry: Advances and Challenges (October, 17) - IT'S OUT

2/8 CICECO SPOTLIGHT _ Exploring Blue-Biorefinery Potential for Sustainable Innovation (October, 24)

3/8 CICECO SPOTLIGHT _ Insights on the future of smart coatings for corrosion protection (October, 31)

4/8 CICECO SPOTLIGHT _ Egg immunoglobulin: Biopharmaceutical Potential (November, 7)

5/8 CICECO SPOTLIGHT _ Industrial Waste: Recycling and Valorization (November, 14)

6/8 CICECO SPOTLIGHT _ Unveiling bioelectronics through computer modeling (November, 21)

7/8 CICECO SPOTLIGHT _ Advanced Biomems for Tissue Engineering: Application in Hard Tissues (November, 28)

8/8 CICECO SPOTLIGHT _ Nanomaterials for Water Quality Improvement and Monitoring (December, 5)


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