Luminescent antibacterial toothpaste


The present invention relates to the formulation of a luminescent antibacterial toothpaste, with application in the hygiene field, oral hygiene and dentistry. This toothpaste is characterized by being chemically comprised of beryllium, magnesium, calcium, strontium or barium doped cerium (III) aluminates encapsulated with TiO2, or a combination thereof. Such toothpaste may contain NaSrTiO3 nanotubes: Ce (III), Ln, SrTiO3: Ce (III), Ln, NaTiO3: Ce (III), Ln, NaSrAl2O4: Ce (III), Ln, or NaAl2O4: Ce (III), Ln, nanotubes, wherein the said nanotubes accept other co-doping ions of the Lanthanide Series.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

Novel luminescent antibacterial toothpaste containing cerium (III) doped alkaline earth (Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) aluminates encapsulated with TiO2 to prevent particles from hydrolysis and degradation.


The luminescent antibacterial toothpaste is intended for applications in the hygiene field, specifically in oral hygiene and dentistry.


Ferreira, José; Zurba, Nadia

Our Inventors


Universidade de Aveiro
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