Preparation method of polymer-based composite porous structures for tissue engineering application


The present invention relates to a method for preparing composite porous structures, of polymeric matrix and inorganic filler, biocompatible and biodegradable for tissue engineering applications. In particular, the present invention describes the use of inorganic bioactive compounds of different solubility to induce and control the porosity of  porous polymeric scaffolds prepared by thermally induced liquid-liquid phase separation.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

In this invention it is described a method by which it is possible to induce and control the porosity of porous polymeric composite scaffolds. The novelty lies in the fact that such control can be performed by varying the water-solubility of the bioactive inorganic filler, which is usually added for other purposes, such as to confer bioactivity to the system and improve its mechanical properties.
The solubility is controlled not only by the composition of the bioactive inorganic phase but also by the residence time of this phase in the aqueous medium during the preparation of the support and by the temperature at which the process takes place. An additional advantage of this method over the known so far is that it eliminates the need to introduce additional compounds as porogen to induce and control the porosity of the final structure. It is the bioactive inorganic phase that acts by itself as a porogen, besides enhancing the mechanical properties of the porous structure and confer bioactivity.


Biomaterials; biomedical devices.


Fernandes, Maria; Vilarinho, Paula; Silva, Ana; Barroca, Natália

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Universidade de Aveiro
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