Conversion films based on lamellar double-hydroxides for active protection against corrosion


The present invention relates to conversion films based on lamellar double hydroxides (LDHs), which are obtained by means of a simple hydrothermal process. Depending on the process conditions used and on the substrates used, micrometric differentiation of film morphology may be achieved. The films obtained for the first time exhibit the functionality of active protection against corrosion associated with the intercalation of corrosion inhibitors in the structure of the LDHs. The anticorrosion performance is due to the controlled release of inhibitors accompanied by the trapping of substrate-aggressive species (chlorides) in the LDHs. The present invention is of use for industrial application in the area of protection of metal substrates against corrosion.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

This patent reports the methodology for growth of conversion films based on layered double hydroxides (LDHs) directly on the metallic substrate. The main concept explored in this patent is the extrapolation of LDHs as nanocontainer particulates to a reservoir layer/film. The active corrosion protection rendered by the controlled release of corrosion inhibitors and subsequent entrapment of aggressive chlorides in LDH conversion films is proved for the first time.


These coatings can be applied in different branches of industry, from automotive to aeronautical industries, maritime activities (offshore structures, ships), as well as on biomedical applications (metallic implants).


Ferreira, Mário; Tedim, João; Zheludkevich, Mikhail

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Universidade de Aveiro
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