Method for Obtaining na Extract Rich in Triterpenic Acids From Eucalyptus Barks


The present invention relates to a method of obtaining extracts having very high contents (up to 98%) of triterpenic acids, mainly oleanolic and ursolic acids, from Eucalyptus barks. The method involves the solid-liquid extraction of the bark with organic solvents, preferably hexane, and the fractionation of the crude extract by means of a simple treatment with an alkaline solution, followed by separation of the aqueous phase, its filtration, acidification and finally isolation of the enriched triterpenic acids fraction by means of filtration, centrifugation or extraction with an organic solvent, preferably hexane, followed by solvent removal. The present invention has application in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and functional foods industries.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

It is a process that, with a simple set of unitary operations, allows to get extracts with high triterpenic acids contents, from crude extracts of eucalyptus bark. This process can be easily integrated with existing pulp production, allowing even the subsequent exploitation of bark for energy production. Some of its main advantages are:
- Easily integrated in the existing industry;
- Environment friendly - waste residues usage;
- Green technology - elimination of organic solvents utilization;
- Simple set of unitary operations is used for extraction.


Phyto-pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry (product consumers)
Pulp industry (producers of eucalyptus bark)


Domingues, Rui ; Barros, Carmen; Silvestre, Armando; Neto, Carlos; Silva, Carlos;

Our Inventors


Universidade de Aveiro
Raiz-Instituto de Investigacao da Floresta e do Papel
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