Mortars containing phase change material microcapsules, their preparation process and use


The present invention relates to a mortar for use in the interior and exterior coating of construction systems, comprising phase change material (PCM) microcapsules together with a lime binder and other auxiliary materials. The invention also concerns a process for the preparation of these mortars by blending the PCM microcapsules with the binder and other auxiliary products, in a mixing machine. The mortars, according to the invention, are used in the interior and exterior coating of construction systems, in order to save energy.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

The integration of the phase change materials improves the thermal performance of the mortars used on indoor building systems, thereby contributing to the building energy saving. Therefore the incorporation of PCM in building mortar coating reduces the consumption associated to the air conditioning systems, which consume energy and generate pollution.
Concerning the rehabilitation of old buildings, where the building material used involves the use of mortars based on lime, there are no adequate solutions on the market with the PCM, whereby the present invention provides an answer to an existent market need.


The invention is particularly relevant to the construction mortars industry, particularly for the market of new construction of residential spaces or services as well as to the markets of the rehabilitation and conservation of building heritage.


Lucas, Sandra ; Ferreira, Victor ; Aguiar, José; Batista, João

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Universidade de Aveiro
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