Nanomagnete-porphyrin hybrid materials, process for synthesis and application in water disinfection formulations


The present invention relates to the synthesis of new nanomagnet-porphyrin hybrid materials of general formula (I) and their use for photoinactivation of microorganisms existing in contaminated waters. The process used for the synthesis of these hybrid materials involves immobilization, through covalent bonding, of meso-tetraarylporphyrins in nanoparticles comprising a magnetic core coated with silica. The new nanomagnet-porphyrin hybrid materials have general formula (I) wherein: Ar1 represents 4-tetrafluorophenylene; Ar2 = Ar3 = Ar4 is Ar1-X-R-Z, 4-pyridyl, 4-N-methylpyridinium, and phenyl; X is amino; R is a propylene group; Z are magnetic nanoparticles coated with silica functionalized with trimethylammoniumpropylene groups.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

Iron oxide nanomagnet-porphyrin hybrids, very stable in water and highly effective in the photoinactivation of bacteria, are disclosed. Their remarkable antimicrobial activity under sunlight, associated with their easy recovery, just by applying a magnetic field, makes these materials novel photosensitizers for water or wastewater disinfection.


Likely applications are in tertiary wastewater treatment.


Cavaleiro, José ; Tome, Augusto ; Tome, João ; Rocha, João; Lin, Zhi; Carvalho, Carla ; Costa, Liliana ; Alves, Eliana ; Cunha, Maria ; Faustino, Maria ; Neves, Maria ; Rainho, José;

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Universidade de Aveiro
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