Process for the production of liquid poliols of renewable origin by the liquefaction of agro-forestry and agro-food biomass
inventores Alessandro Gandini, Carlos Pascoal Neto, José Cruz Pinto
priority date 2008-08-20
Publication No EP 2313358
situation Publicada
abstract The present invention concerns the process for producing liquid polyols of renewable origin from organic materials such as agro-forestry and agro-food biomass and respective industrial residues, constituting a profitable and bio-friendly alternative to commercial polyols obtained from petrochemical sources. The said process involves two steps in a single reactor: i) the activation of the substrate with an alkaline alcoholic solution (pre-functionalization); ii) the oxypropylation and liquefaction of the activated substrate in heterogeneous conditions. The latter step might also involve the controlled addition of a monomer polyol, also of renewable origin, so as to adjust the properties of the final product, taking the desired applications into account. The present process does not require any specific operations to isolate the end product. The polyols thus obtained can be used in the formulation and preparation of polyurethanes and polyesters being applicable in food, pharmaceutical, furniture, civil engineering, automotive and polymer industries.
research groups 5 - biomedical and biomimetic materials
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