Ceramic pigments based on industrial waste


The present invention relates to the synthesis of ceramic pigments by solid state reaction from industrial residues: sludges from wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) of metallic surface treatment industries (eg.: anodizing, galvanizing processes), blasting steel grits used in the shipping industry, smelting sands and wastes from cutting and polishing natural stone. Industrial wastes are used to replace one, several or all natural or commercial raw materials. The wastes can be used as they are processed, dried or calcined. The processing steps are: raw materials dosage and homogenization; mixture calcination; washing and milling. After adjusting characteristics of ceramic pigments, they were tested in the glazes, engobes and ceramic paste colouring. According to the invention there are obtained inorganic ceramic pigments thermostable, insoluble in glass matrix which do not change the physical properties of the matrix, providing multiple decorative applications.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

According to the invention it is possible to obtain inorganic ceramic pigments from industrial wastes. Pigments are thermostable, insoluble in the glass matrix and do not change the matrix physical properties, providing multiple decorative applications, mainly in ceramics, glazes and glassy products. The main advantages of this coloring agents formulations is the elimination of some by-products and waste that would otherwise go to landfill, while reducing the production costs of the pigments.


The main application in this type of work (the potential commercial/industrial sectors) will be in general, the inorganic pigments producers and, simultaneously, all the ceramic and glass manufacturers.


Batista, João; Ribeiro, Manuel; Costa, Maria

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Universidade de Aveiro
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