Aqueous coating compositions for use in surface treatment of cellulosic substrates


The present invention relates with the application of novel coating compositions, containing chitosan (and its derivatives) and bacterial cellulose, for the improvement of the final properties of cellulosic based materials, like paper and textile materials. The process involves the preparation of homogeneous bacterial cellulose-chitosan blends and the surface treatment of cellulosic substrates with these blends. The surface treatments described improve substantially the surface, mechanical, optical, barrier, anti-microbial properties and printability of the cellulosic substrates.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

The innovation of this patent relies on the use of novel coating formulations, containing chitosan and bacterial nanocellulose, for the improvement of the final properties of cellulosic based materials, like paper and textiles.
The combination of chitosan and bacterial cellulose (together with other additives) allows the dispersion and application (under shear conditions) of bacterial cellulose onto several cellulosic substrates using common coating technologies, and simultaneously the production of coated materials with improved properties, including surface, barrier and optical properties, printability and antimicrobial activity.


The process of this invention can be explored in any industrial sector that produce coated cellulosic based materials, like the paper and textile industries. The exploitation of this process might contribute to the development/commercialization of innovative and differentiated cellulose based products.


Neto, Carlos; Barros, Carmen; Fernandes, Susana; Silvestre, Armando; Gandini, Alessandro;

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Universidade de Aveiro
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