Lignocellulosic composites and phase transition materials for thermo insulation and energy storage


The present invention relates to the formulation and preparation of composites based on lignocellulosic materials by incorporating phase change materials with the purpose of their application in thermal insulation and reversible energy storage. Lignocellulosic materials provide thermal insulation properties to the composite while also providing a support for the phase change material in the liquid phase as well as eliminating the drawbacks related to volume variation resulting from the phase change. The phase change material can be incorporated in high amounts in these composites providing them a significant reversible energy storage capacity. The resulting composite allows overcoming the main problems associated with the use of phase change materials in many applications and combines in a single material the characteristics of thermal insulation and energy storage.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

The material are composites made of cork or wood residues combined with paraffinic phase change materials that combine the isolation capabilities of the cork or wood with the capacity of the phase change material to delay the heat wave transfer and absorb excess heat that can then be restored to the medium when the temperature drops below the phase change material melting point. These materials can thus simultaneously isolate and minimize the temperature oscillations allowing a protection to the goods being packaged, or enhancing the thermal comfort of the housing.


The materials protected by this patent are novel active thermal insulators based on cork or wood composites. They can be used in both building or in temporary housing as well as for packaging by companies operating in this area of activity.


Coutinho, João ; Neto, Carlos

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Universidade de Aveiro
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