Multifunctional mortars for heat storage, air remediation and self-cleaning, preparation process and usage


The present invention relates to mortars for application in indoor and outdoor coating of building systems comprising mixtures in different proportions of phase change materials (PCM) microcapsules and titanium dioxide nanoparticles, together with one or more binders based on lime, cement or gypsum, aggregates, water and other auxiliary materials. The invention also relates to a process for the preparation of these mortars by dry premix and homogenization, of the solid components, followed by mixing with water and homogenization in a mixer. The mortar according to this invention is used in indoor and outdoor coating of building systems, for energy saving, air quality improvement and to ensure self-cleaning.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

The developed mortars include PCM and also photocatalytic nanoparticles that contribute to the degradation of air pollutants. In addition, we have developed a method for the preparation of these innovative mortars in a pre-dosed way. Due to its characteristics these mortars can be used both inside and outside any type of construction building and present also the following advantages:
Energy consumption reduction;
Suitable for reconstruction ( lime based);
Contribution to comfort enabling less temperature variations inside the buildings;
Self-cleaning capability;
Cheaper and cleaner alternative when compared to the traditional air quality maintenance mechanisms;
Only one material is applied – less material, less people working = more sustainability.


Industry - Construction, Rehabilitation, Sustainable Construction. Mortars Producers.


Ferreira, Victor; Lucas, Sandra; Aguiar, José

Our Inventors


Universidade de Aveiro
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