Photoluminescent ceramic pavement for risk and emergency areas for disabled persons and its production process


The present invention relates to photoluminescent ceramic floors, which comprise a photoluminescent layer (1) (3) (5) (7) in Figure 1 and produce the contrast with surfaces (2), (4), (6) and (8) of the non-luminescent substrates (inert). Such floors are obtained as ceramic plates, by pressing in moulds, with photoluminescent layer, fired in ovens, and can be combined to compose a unique multisensory photoluminescent paging system (relief) for people with disabilities to use in emergency situations, in the dark, and allowing rapid evacuation through the use of mobility aids (ex. walking sticks, canes, wheelchairs, rollators).

Innovative aspects & main advantages

The ceramic tiles with photoluminescent reliefs of the present invention are to be used as flooring, preferably in places where the accident prevention is important, through the spatial organization and signaling risk areas, detectable, in particular, by persons with visual disabilities. Besides the typical characteristics of traditional ceramic floors, including mechanical strength and wear resistance, this new product exhibits specific characteristics of safety and ergonomics in emergency (persistent photoluminescence, multisensory signaling and antisliding). Due to the different and unique shapes of their reliefs, these tiles also serve as visual, tactile and audible multisensory devices (in contact with the feet, canes or wheelchairs), including persons with disabilities and low vision and providing greater autonomy to users during the evacuation in emergency situations.


Photoluminescent ceramic pavement for risk and emergency areas for disabled persons.


Fernandes, Maria; Zurba, Nadia; Leite, Eugénio; Fredel, Márcio

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Universidade de Aveiro
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