A dry active electrode for bio-potential monitoring


The present invention relates to a novel dry active type electrode to capture bio-potentials when placed in contact with the skin. The device is specially prepared for the capture of electroencephalographic signals, although it can also be used to capture other bio-electrical signals, including electrocardiographic signals (EKG) or electromyographic (EMG), by simply changing the fixing device. The electrode consists of the following elements: a metal sensor (4) with ceramic coating, a signal processing unit and a capsule made of insulating material also called electrode body (1) the sensor (4) is a 316L stainless steel disk coated with titanium oxide and is secured to the electrode body (1) that encloses the signal processing unit. The electrode body (1) is conceived so it can be easily adapted to the supports currently used for fixing standard encephalographic electrodes.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

Development of a novel dry active type electrode to capture bio-potentials.


Industry – medical devices.


Barbosa, Mário; Sá, Joaquim; Fonseca, José; Ferreira, Victor; Salvado, Isabel; Martins, Rui; Cunha, João; Silva, António

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Instituto Nacional de Engenharia Biomédica
Hospital de Santo António
Universidade de Aveiro
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