Maria de Fátima Pereira Duarte

Principal Researcher

Short CV

Maria F. Duarte was born in Porto, Portugal (1978), graduated in Biochemistry by the University of Porto in 2001 reports beginning of scientific activity on 2000, as trainee in breast pathology group at IPATIMUP. In 2006, she got her PhD degree on Health Sciences from University of Minho, with all the laboratory work done at Maine Medical Center Research Institute, US, under supervision of Thomas Maciag. Her post-doctoral studies were developed at Life and Health Sciences Research Institute, at University of Minho, under supervision of Fernando Schmitt addressing the importance of new angiogenesis regulation mechanisms in tumor neovascularization process. In 2008 MF Duarte established her own research group at Centro de Biotecnologia Agrícola e Agro-Alimentar do Alentejo (CEBAL). In 2010 MF Duarte joined the research team of CICECO/University of Aveiro, participating in Sustainability and Biomaterials research line.

Since her graduation MF Duarte completed the supervision of 5 Masters students and 1 Post-Docs, with 26 papers published in international peer review journals, with 187 citations. MF Duarte is one of the inventors of a patent on vascular biology entitled “Novel isolated nucleic acid encoding Jagged1 or Delta1 intracellular domain polypeptide, useful for inhibiting or preventing angiogenesis, for induction apoptosis, and induction or inhibition senescent-like cell phenotype” (WO2006125001-A2).

After 8 years involved on human health sciences, since 2008 works as Principal Investigator at CEBAL (Centro de Biotecnologia Agrícola e Agro-Alimentar do Alentejo), addressing the relevance of phytochemicals on human diseases, with special focus on phytotherapy and breast tumor angiogenesis, and new thrombin inhibitors. She has participated in several projects, being the responsible investigator R&D project financed by FCT, and participates in 2 other FCT projects. In the past was the responsible investigator of a R&D project in co-promotion with industry, and a POCTEP (Border Cooperation Portugal/Spain). She has also been actively involved with installation and growth of CEBAL and in the main interactions with the surrounding community and industries (particularly relevant in the regional context of CEBAL).

Scientific Interests

Biochemistry and Health Sciences:

 1- Vascular Biology/Mechanisms of angiogenesis regulation on breast cancer
 2- Molecular regulation of breast and gastric cancer
 3- Bioactive compounds/valorization of industry derived residues
 4- Role of triterpenic acids and lactones sesquiterpenic as modulators of haemostasis

Present Research Group

Member of the Lignocellulosic and Macromolecular Materials Group, and responsible of the Bioactive Research Group at CEBAL

Supervisor or co-supervisor of 1 Pos-doctorate student, 3 PhD student and 1 research fellowship


Main present collaborators

Armando Silvestre, Carmen Freire, Iola Duarte e Isabel Marrucho, University of Aveiro

Joana Paredes, IPATIMUP

Fátima Baltazar e Cristóvão Lima, University of Minho

Igor Prudovsky, MMCRI, ME, US

Present Projects

"BIOECOS – Valorização Integrada da Biomassa” ALENT-09-0140-FEDER-000705 (QREN), as part of the research team 2009-2013

"RefinOlea: Valorização integrada de resíduos e subprodutos da extracção de azeite" a project in ADI Co-promotion (ref. FCOMP-01-0202-FEDER-005450), as part of the research team, CEBAL Coordinator 2009-2013

"Removal of cytotoxic chemotherapy compounds from pharmaceutical/hospital wastewaters by combined membrane processing and advanced electro-oxidation treatment", as participant institution (PTDC/AAC-AMB/100960/2008),  2010-2013.

RitecaII - Research network Portugal-Spain - including Extremadura, Centro e Alentejo (Phase II), as part of the research team, CEBAL Coordinator, POCTEP, 2011-2013

"NEW PROTECTION: NativE, Wild PRObiotics sTrain EffeCT in Olives in briNe" as participant institution (PTDC/AGR-ALI/117658/2010), 2011-2015

 "NeucBark: New Valorization Stratagies for Eucalyptus spp. Bark Extracts." as responsible investigator (PTDC/AGR-FOR/3187/2012), 2013-2015

"Desenvolvimento da fileira da romã - Da planta ao bago pronto a comer", as part of the research team. ProDeR 2013-2014

"MITIC: Modernización e innovación tecnológica con base TIC en sectores estratégicos y tradicionales", as part of the research team, CEBAL coordinator, POCTEP 2013-2015

Teaching Activity

Selected Publications

Schmitt, F.C., Reis-Filho, J.S., Milanezi, F., Soares, R., Duarte, F., Seixas, C. and Cameselle-Teijeiro, J.F. Pathology of hereditary breast cancer. Revista de Senologia y Patología Mamaria, 2001; 14:29-35.

Duarte, F., Cameselle-Teijeiro, J.F., Soares, R., Seixas, C., Cortizo-Torres, M.E. and Schmitt, F.C., Analysis of mutations in genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 among patients with breast and ovarian cancer in northern Portugal and Galicia. Rev. Clinica. Española, 2002, 202:259-263.

Cortizo-Torres, M.E., Duarte, F., Schmitt, F.C., Cameselle-Teijeiro, J.F. and Lopez-Touza, A., Criteria for definition of hereditary breast cancer in a clinic perspective. The Breast Journal, 2002; 8:402-403.

Cortizo-Torres, M.E., Cameselle-Teijeiro, J.F., López-Touza, A., Duarte, F. and Schmitt, F.C., Chronobiology and Breast Cancer. The Breast Journal, 2003; 9:453-454.

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