Mariana Coutinho Sardo

Investigador Auxiliar

Perfil biográfico

2016 - 2018: post-doctoral fellow at CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials under the supervision of Doctor Luis Mafra and Professor João Rocha;

2010 - 2016: post-doctoral fellow at CICECO - Aveiro Institute of Materials and Laboratorium für Physikalische Chemie, ETH Zürich supervised by Doctor Luis Mafra, Professor João Rocha and Professor Beat H. Meier;

2009: PhD in Physical Chemistry: " Weak intermolecular interactions in advanced functional materials: spectroscopic and computational studies” (supervision of Prof. Paulo Ribeiro-Claro), Chemistry Department, University of Aveiro. During this period, 5 months were spent in the University of Malaga, Spain, working in the group of Professor Juan Carlos Otero, developing SERS studies on pharmaceutical compounds;

2005: Degree in Physics and Chemistry (for teaching), Univ. Aveiro (17/20)


- Combining high-resolution solid-state NMR methods, X-ray diffraction and computational approaches to study crystal packing interactions in small molecules (namely pharmaceuticals) and materials - NMR crystallography; 

- Study drug-drug and drug-host interactions of molecular scaffolds as drug delivery systems.

- NMR characterization of modified nanoporous solid sorbents with potential for gas capture (by using 13C-labelled CO2 in a gas mixture);

- NMR characterization of porous materials relevant in heterogeneous catalysis (study of Lewis and Brønsted acidity);


- Responsible for preparing and delivering solid-state NMR Hands-on courses (II Jornadas Nacionais de Caracterização de Materiais - 2017 and IV Ibero-American NMR Meeting - 2012). - Co-President of the Young Chemists Group (GQJ) of the Portuguese Chemical Society (SPQ) between 2010-2012 - Member of the organizing committee of several scientific events: Chemistry Olympics competitions, the Portuguese Physics students meeting (2004), International conference on solubility phenomena (2004), Young Portuguese Chemists meeting (2010), European Young Chemists Network (EYCN) delegates assembly (2012) and EYCN contribution to the 4EuCheMS (2012), IV Ibero-American NMR Meeting (2012).

Interesses científicos

- Caracterização por RMN de materiais porosos modificados para potencial aplicação na captura de CO2;

- Caracterização por RMN de materiais porosos relevantes em catálise heterogénea (estudo da acidez de Lewis e Brønsted);

- Aplicação combinada de RMN de estado sólido, difração de raios-X e métodos computacionais no estudo do empacotamento cristalino em pequenas moléculas de interesse farmacêutico e em materiais;

- Cristalografia por RMN

- Estudo de interações fármaco-fármaco e fármaco-hospedeiro em sistemas de libertação de fármacos.

Grupo de Investigação

Dr. Luis Miguel Monteiro Mafra; Professor João Rocha; Dr. Ildefonso Marin; Dr. Marina Ilkaeva, Dr. Ricardo Vieira, Dra. Paula Soares Santos; Carlos Bornes; João Pereira

Principais colaboradores

Professor Beat H. Meier (ETH - Zurich); Prof. José M. Ferreira (UA); Dr. José R.B. Gomes (UA); Prof. Isabel Neves (U. Minho); Dr. Paula Ferreira (UA); Prof. Teresa Duarte (IST); Prof. Moisés Pinto (IST); Prof. Norberto Masciocchi (U. Insubria)

Publicações seleccionadas

1. "Comparison of different silica microporous structures as drug delivery systems for in vitro models of solid tumors", Natália Vilaça, Ana F. Machado, Filipa Morais-Santos, Ricardo Amorim, A. Patrícia Neto, Enora Logodin, Manuel F. R. Pereira, Mariana Sardo, João Rocha, Pier Parpot, António M. Fonseca, Fátima Baltazar and Isabel C. Neves, RSC Adv., 2017, 7, 13104-13111.

2. "PAIN with and without PAR: Variants for third-spin assisted heteronuclear polarization transfer", Vipin Agarwal*, Mariana Sardo*, Ingo Scholz, Anja Böckmann, Matthias Ernst and Beat H. Meier, J. Biomol. NMR 2013, 56(4), 365-377. (*authors equally contributed for this work)

 3. "Combining multinuclear high-resolution solid-state MAS NMR and computational methods for resonance assignment of glutathione tripeptide", Mariana Sardo, Renée Siegel, Sérgio M. Santos, João Rocha, José R. B. Gomes, Luis Mafra, J. Phys. Chem. A 2012, 116 (25), 6711–6719.

4. "3D–2D–0D Stepwise Deconstruction of a Water Framework Templated by a Nanoporous Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Host", João Rocha, Fa-Nian Shi, Filipe A. Almeida Paz, Luis Mafra, Mariana Sardo, Luis Cunha-Silva, James Chisholm, Paulo Ribeiro-Claro and Tito Trindade, Chem. Eur. J. 2010, 16, 7741-7749.

Supervisões em Curso



Assessing CO2 Capture in Porous Sorbents via Solid-State NMR-Assisted Adsorption Techniques

Marina Ilkaeva, Ricardo Vieira, João Pereira, Mariana Sardo, Ildefonso Marín Montesinos and Luís Mafra
2023, Journal of the Americam Chemical Society.

Understanding CO2 adsorption mechanisms in porous adsorbents: A solid-state NMR survey

Daniel Pereira, Rita Fonseca, Ildefonso Marin-Montesinos, Mariana Sardo, Luís Mafra
2023, Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, 60, Special issue NMR 2022.

Engineering Phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate model membranes enriched 1 in endocytic cargo: a neutron reflectometry, AFM and QCM-D structural study

Daniel Pereira, Andreas Santamaria, Nisha Pawar, Javier Carrascosa-Tejedor, Mariana Sardo, Luis Mafra, Eduardo Guzman, David J. Owen, Nathan R. Zaccai, Armando Maestro, Ildefonso Marin-Montesinos
2023, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 227.

One-Shot Resin 3D-Printed Stators for Low-Cost Fabrication of Magic-Angle Spinning NMR Probeheads

Daniel Pereira, Mariana Sardo, Ildefonso Marín-Montesinos, an Luís Mafra
2023, Anal. Chem., 95, 27.

Exploring Molecular Dynamics of Adsorbed CO2 Species in Amine- Modified Porous Silica by Solid-State NMR Relaxation

Fonseca, R; Vieira, R; Sardo, M; Marin-Montesinos, I; Mafra, L
2022, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 126, 30, 12582-12591.

Moisture effect on the separation of CO2/CH4 mixtures with amine-functionalised porous silicas

Pacheco, M; Bordonhos, M; Sardo, M; Afonso, R; Gomes, JRB; Mafra, L; Pinto, ML

Hidden CO2 in Amine-Modified Porous Silicas Enables Full Quantitative NMR Identification of Physi- and Chemisorbed CO2 Species

Vieira, R; Marin-Montesinos, I; Pereira, J; Fonseca, R; Ilkaeva, M; Sardo, M; Mafra, L
2021, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, 125, 27, 14797-14806.
ISBN: 1932-7455

Unravelling moisture-induced CO2 chemisorption mechanisms in amine-modified sorbents at the molecular scale

Sardo, M; Afonso, R; Juzkow, J; Pacheco, M; Bordonhos, M; Pinto, ML; Gomes, JRB; Mafra, L
2021, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, 9, 9, 5542-5555.
ISBN: 2050-7496

Unravelling the Structure of Chemisorbed CO2 Species in Mesoporous Aminosilicas: A Critical Survey

Afonso, R; Sardo, M; Mafra, L; Gomes, JRB
ISBN: 1520-5851

Enhancing Adamantylamine Solubility through Salt Formation: Novel Products Studied by X-ray Diffraction and Solid-State NMR

Martins, ICB; Sardo, M; Alig, E; Fink, L; Schmidt, MU; Mafra, L; Duarte, MT
2019, CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN, 19, 3, 1860-1873.
ISBN: 1528-7505

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