Unveiling CO2 chemisorption mechanisms in solid adsorbents via surface-enhanced ex(in)-situ NMR
tipo de financiamento European Comission
programa ERC-2019-COG - ERC Consolidator Grant
referência alternative 865974
grupo(s) de investigação 1 - nanomateriais inorgânicos funcionais e híbridos orgânico-inorgânico;
departamento Chemistry (DQ)
período de execução 2020-06-01 - 2025-05-31 ( 60 Meses )
Reaching a record high of 32.5 gigatonnes in 2017, global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion continue to increase. Adsorption is considered a viable technology to reduce CO2 emissions. Because of its lower regeneration cost, amine-modified porous silica (AMPS) is the most promising CO2-adsorbent material for replacing the decades-old liquid amine-scrubbing technology. However, a molecular-scale understanding of the CO2-AMPS adsorption process remains elusive, hindering progress in the design of improved sorbents. The EU-funded NMR4CO2 project addresses this need, using – for the first time – state-of-the-art surface-enhanced nuclear magnetic resonance to study the chemistry of acidic gases (mainly CO2) adsorbed on AMPS and of gas-solid interfaces using simulated industrial gas mixtures.
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Luís Mafra
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