Manufatura Aditiva com cortiça


Promoted by a consortium joined by Amorim Cork Composites (leading promoter) and Aveiro University (ENESII), the “AM_Cork - Additive manufacturing with cork” project carries out the investigation and validation of the use of cork in additive manufacturing processes, using 3D Printing and Cast Filament Manufacturing technologies, looking for the development of new products in cork with disruptive designs and complex geometries, while simultaneously reducing production times and costs.

Specifically, the project materializes the use of cork as a raw material in the additive manufacturing process, using 3DP and FFF technologies, allowing to overcome the existing barriers to the application of cork in additive manufacturing technologies. In this sense, the project investigates different filament solutions, with different colors and shades, and different levels of flexibility and textures, duly adapted to the different needs and applications of the products developed.

In addition, the introduction of these AM technologies in the production process of Amorim Cork Composites assumes a component of valorization of low-value by-products (cork powders) resulting from the manufacturing processes, determining the reduction of consumption of raw materials, stocks, energy, among others, realizing not only operational gains, but above all gains in sustainability, with a high impact in reducing the company's carbon footprint.

The AM_Cork project is organized into seven activities, 7 complementary activities within its scope and proposed objectives: three of industrial research, three of experimental development (which includes an activity of broad dissemination of the results of the project) and one support activity for the technical management of the project.

Main Local Researcher

José Martinho Marques de Oliveira




Universidade de Aveiro (UA)


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