Novos Materiais Compósitos de Carbonatos Fundidos/Cerâmicos p/ tecnologias Energéticas Sustentáveis c/ Captura e Utilização de CO2
tipo de financiamento Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
referência alternative M-ERA-NET2/0009/2016
grupo(s) de investigação 3 - materiais de carbono, compósitos e revestimentos funcionais;
departamento Materials and Ceramic Engineering (DEMaC)
período de execução 2017-09-01 - 2020-08-31 ( 36 Meses )
The MOCO3 project focuses on the development of novel composite materials consisting of molten carbonates infiltrated in a solid matrix as functional materials in intermediate temperature fuel cells and CO2 selective membranes. MOCO3 addresses performance and lifetime of these systems by focusing on materials engineering at all length scales (atomistic, micro- and macroscopic) guided by synergetic combination of experimental research and advanced numerical simulations for driving materials design. The MOCO3 project will last 3 years, starting at TRL3 and ending at TRL4. It is coordinated by SINTEF in collaboration with University of Oslo (NO), Warsaw University of Technology (PL), one high-tech SME CIM-mes Projekt (PL) and University of Aveiro (PT). The project will educate 2 PhD and train 3 post-doctoral candidates. It fosters intensive dissemination by various academic and popular channels and involves an advisory board with materials suppliers, technology developers and end-users.
/ip local
Fernando Manuel Bico Marques
ciceco status Parceiro
instituíção proponente SINTEF
instituições participante(s) University of Oslo (NO), Warsaw University of Technology (PL), mes Projekt (PL) and University of Aveiro (PT)
participação industrial Sim
parceiro(s) internacional Sim
orçamento ciceco 114.000€
centro de custos 3.50.205