NanoBarrier - Extended shelf-life biopolymers for sustainable and multifunctional food packaging solutions


The overall concept of NanoBarrier is to develop a new nanotechnology platform based on inorganic-organic hybrid polymers, microfibrillated cellulose, nanocapsules with controlled permeability and additive technology and combine this with resource-efficient processing technologies to realize safe and extended shelf-life and multifunctional biopolymer food packaging solutions. These solutions based on CO2 neutral and renewable resources, should work as an enabling technology for innovative companies to stimulate to further consumption growth of fish and seafood and environmental conscious packaging solutions for meat and dairy products; food sectors of major social, economical and health impact in the European region. The project will also bring forward robust biopolymer formulations, compounding expertise and coating approaches to combine nanoparticle technology with biopolymer formulations. Dedicated demonstrators are planned based on resource-efficient processing technologies, such as blow moulding and film blowing. The demonstrators will be multifunctional barrier films for meat packaging, multifunctional barrier bottles for liquid yoghurt and milk and multifunctional barrier jars for crab packaging. NanoBarrier will include sustainable parameters from the demonstrator design step applying ecodesign methodology to minimize the environmental, social and economic impact from the early development step. An LCA will quantify the impact of the foreseen demonstrators and measures are taken to evaluate safety. The objectives of the project will be achieved by implementing the work organized in four technical work packages (in addition to a coordination work package) where each WP are designed to fulfill one- or several of the specific scientific objectives in the project. The project consortium cover the whole value chain from manufacture and competence of nanoparticle technology to end-use supply and include leading organizations and competences throughout Europe


João Tedim


SINTEF Materials and Chemistry




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