Analysis of non-process elements of the main process streams of an Eucalyptus bleached kraft pulp mill: Preliminary results


A total of 21 samples were collected in key points from a bleached kraft pulp mill processing Eucalyptus globulus, and analysed for Cr, Co, Fe, Mn, Cu, Al, Ba, K, Mg, Ca and P and inorganic matter. Grits, dust from the recovery boiler, dust from the lime kiln and dregs were the materials with the highest content in inorganic matter. Concentrations of NPEs in the bark of Eucalyptus globulus reached values up to 2 to 300 times higher than in wood.

subject category

Engineering; Materials Science


Rocha, TAP; Duarte, AC; Duarte, RMBO; Neto, CP; Sampaio, RMCT; Oliveira, JABP; Caldeira, MT

our authors


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