Mullite and Mullite/ZrO2-7wt.%Y2O3 Powders for Thermal Spraying of Environmental Barrier Coatings


Mullite and mullite/ZrO2-7wt.%Y2O3 coatings could be thought among the main protective layers for environment barrier coatings (EBCs) to protect Si-based substrates in future gas turbine engines. Considering that feedstock of the compound powder is not commercially available, two powder processing routes Spray Drying (SD) and Flame Spheroidization (FS) were implemented for both types of powders. For each method the particle size, the morphology, and microstructure of the powder particles was determined. In addition, the effect of the heat treatment on the powder crystallinity and microstructure of FS powders was also investigated. To evaluate their suitability as feedstock materials, the powders were plasma sprayed and their in-flight particle characteristics monitored for coatings production. The powder morphology was correlated to the in-flight particle characteristics and splat morphology to gain insight about into the influence of powder characteristics on the coating formation.



subject category

Materials Science


Garcia, E; Mesquita-Guimaraes, J; Miranzo, P; Osendi, MI; Wang, Y; Lima, RS; Moreau, C


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