Influence of ibuprofen addition on the properties of a bioactive bone cement


Bioactive bone cements can promote bone growth and the formation of a strong chemical bond between the implant and bone tissue increasing the lifetime of the prosthesis. This study aims at synthesizing a new bioactive bone cement with different amounts of ibuprofen (5, 10 and 20 wt%) using a low toxicity activator, and investigating its in vitro release profile. The effect of ibuprofen (IB) on the setting parameters, residual monomer and bioactivity in synthetic plasma was also evaluated. It was verified that the different IB contents do not prevent the growth of calcium phosphate aggregates on composite surfaces, confirming that the cements are potentially bioactive. A relevant advantage of these formulations was a significant improvement in their curing parameters with increasing IB amount, associated to a reduction of the peak temperature and an extension of the setting time. The investigated cements released an average of about 20 % of the total incorporated ibuprofen during 30 days test, with IB20 liberating the highest percentage of drug 20.6 %, and IB10 and IB5, respectively 19.1 and 17.6 %. This behavior was attributed to the low solubility of this drug in aqueous media and was also related with the hydrophobic character of the polymer. Regarding the therapeutic concentration sufficient to suppress inflammation, the cement with 10 % of ibuprofen achieved the required release rate for 1 week and the cement with 20 % for 2 weeks.



subject category

Engineering; Materials Science


Lopes, PP; Silva, MS; Fernandes, MHV

our authors


The authors acknowledge the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), the Center for Research in Ceramic and Composite Materials, CICECO, and the University of Aveiro for financial support.

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