Influence of structural and magnetic properties in the heating performance of multicore bioferrofluids


Biomedical applications of superparamagnetic iron oxide particles have been of interest for quite a number of years. Recent developments show that multifunctionality can be efficiently achieved using polymers to coat the particles and to provide anchoring elements to their surface. This leads to the formation of nanobeads with a reduced number of particles trapped by the polymeric structure. While the magnetothermic behavior of isolated nanoparticles has been a subject of interest over the past several years, multicore magnetic nanobeads have thus far not received the same attention. The influence of structural and magnetic properties in the hyperthermia performance of a series of magnetic fluids designed for biomedical purposes is studied here. The fluids are made of maghemite multicore polymeric beads, with variable nanoparticle size and hydrodynamic size, dispersed in a buffer solution. The specific loss power (SLP) was measured from 5 to 100 kHz with a field intensity of 21.8 kA/m. SLP increases with increasing magnetic core size, reaching 32 W/g Fe2O3 at 100 kHz for 16.2 nm. Within the framework of the linear response theory, a graphical construction is proposed to describe the interplay of both size distributions and magnetic properties in the heating performance of such fluids in a given frequency range. Furthermore, a numerical model is developed to calculate the spare contribution of Neel and Brown relaxation mechanisms to SLP, which gives a fair reproduction of the experimental data.



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Bustamante, R; Millan, A; Pinol, R; Palacio, F; Carrey, J; Respaud, M; Fernandez-Pacheco, R; Silva, NJO

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R.B. would like to thank ICMA-CSIC for the JAE predoc grant. Financial support from Grant No. MAT2011-25991 is gratefully acknowledged. We acknowledge Fundacao para a Ciencia e Tecnologia (FCT, Portugal), COMPETE, and FEDER programs (Pest-C/CTM/LA0011/2013). N.J.O.S. acknowledges FCT for the Ciencia 2008 program.

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