Purification of anthocyanins from grape pomace by centrifugal partition chromatography


The purpose of this work is to integrate the extraction of anthocyanins from grape pomace with a sequential purification process using an aqueous two-phase system (ATPS), and scaled-up in centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) using as a common solvent the protic ionic liquids based on ethanolammonium and sulfuric acid. The choice of the best operational condition was performed through the selectivity (ratio between the concentration of anthocyanin and total phenolic compounds), which allowed the purification of anthocyanins of 16.36 fold (S/L= 55mg.mL(-1); 35 degrees C; [PIL]= 12.5%), and 2.21 fold (S/L= 55mg.mL(-1); 25 degrees C; [PIL]= 12.5%). ATPS based on protic ionic liquid and acetonitrile purified the anthocyanins between 19.30 and 23.88 fold at 25 degrees C and pressure atmospheric. At 25 degrees C (limitation of equipment), CPC increased the purification factor to 41.88, although with the decrease of anthocyanin recovery. However, the best operational condition depends on the anthocyanins application. (C) 2021 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

subject category

Chemistry, Physical; Physics, Atomic, Molecular & Chemical


Lima, AS; de Oliveira, BS; Shabudin, SV; Almeida, M; Freire, MG; Bica, K

our authors


The authors acknowledge the financial support of FAPITEC (Fundacao de Apoio a Pesquisa e A Inovacao Tecnologica do Estado de Sergipe), Brazil under the project (Pronem project). The authors also thank financial support through the post-doctoral grant (CAPES (Coordenacao de Aperfeicoamento de Pessoal de Nivel Superior), Brazil. process n. 2601/2015-00) of A.S. Lima.

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