Low dielectric loss BaNd2Ti5O14 thick films prepared by an electrophoretic deposition technique


BaNd2Ti5O14 (BNT) films 12-52 mu m thick were fabricated on platinum metallic foils by electrophoretic deposition (EPD). 52-mu m-thick BNT film exhibits a dielectric constant and a loss tangent of 107 and 0.0006 (Q of 1600) at 1 MHz, respectively. Variation in permittivity is less than 0.02% at a bias voltage +/- 8 kV/cm. Change of film permittivity with temperature (30-120 degrees C) is below +58.5 ppm/degrees C, pointing to a good thermal stability. Preliminary microwave measurements indicate that the losses are not significantly increased up to the gigahertz regime. EPD derived BNT thick films on metallic foils are attractive candidates for microwave communication devices.



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Fu, Z; Wu, AY; Vilarinho, PM; Kingon, AI; Wordenweber, R

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