Low Temperature Dielectric Properties of Ca0.7Nd0.3Ti0.7Al0.3O3 Microwave Ceramics


CaTiO3-NdAlO3 based ceramic composites with the nominal composition Ca0.7Nd0.3Ti0.7Al0.3O3 was synthesized by the conventional ceramic method and the dielectric measurements were carried out as a function of frequency (1KHz-4MHz) in the temperature range of 150-303 K. The complex impedance spectroscopy (CIS) analysis has been carried out to investigate the influence of its microstructure on electrical properties as a function of temperature and frequency. Impedance studies indicated the presence of a temperature dependent relaxation process in the material with a spread of relaxation times. Microwave measurement at low temperatures reveals that these systems has a slight increase in dielectric constant as temperature decreases and a loss tangent peak around 50Kelvin.



subject category

Materials Science


Sudheendran, K; Raju, KCJ; Jacob, MV

our authors



The authors acknowledge, UGC (SAP, UPE, Plan), ISRO and DST (FIST) for financial support for this work. K.S acknowledge FCT Portugal (SFRH/BPD/66918/2009) and CSIR India (DSRF09/414(0768)/2008-EMR-I) for support

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