Glass-Glass Laser-Assisted Glass Frit Bonding


A novel sealing method is proposed for encapsulating devices comprised of glass substrates. This sealing method is based on applying a glass frit paste cord onto the substrate and then using a laser beam to locally supply the necessary energy to allow the formation of a hermetic bonding layer. A detailed description of the laser bonding technique, the necessary equipment and method, and a preliminary study is carried out. The need to apply mechanical pressure during the bonding step is averted, thus facilitating the manufacturing process. The glass bonding cord obtained by the laser-assisted process was found to have an excellent contact with both substrates and no gas inclusions or voids were detected, indicating that an effective sealing was achieved. Preliminary hermeticity tests of the laser-bonded cells yielded encouraging results. The developed laser-assisted glass frit bonding process is a promising technique for obtaining hermetic sealing of photoelectronic and electrochemical devices, as it allows temperature-sensitive materials to be used inside them.



subject category

Engineering; Materials Science


Cruz, R; Ranita, JAD; Macaira, J; Ribeiro, F; da Silva, AMB; Oliveira, JM; Fernandes, MHFV; Ribeiro, HA; Mendes, JG; Mendes, A

our authors


This work was supported in part by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Techonology (FCT), Efacec Engenharia e Sistemas S.A. under Grant SFRH/BDE/33439/2008, the Project SolarSel-SI IDT-3423/2008, and the European Union and the Portuguese Government through ADI - Agencia de Inovacao, in the framework of the QREN Initiative and the European Regional Development Fund through the Operational Program for Competitiveness Factors. Recommended for publication by Associate Editor S. Liu upon evaluation of reviewers' comments.

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