The growth of SiC crystals from CoSi molten alloy fluxes


The growth of SiC single crystals from SiC saturated Co-Si molten alloy fluxes is reported. Experiments were performed by two routes: liquid phase sintering of CoSi/SiC and Si/Co/SiC powder compacts and melt infiltration of CoSi alloy into porous SiC powder preforms. Results showed that euhedral SiC crystals, many of which appeared as polygonal or plate shaped single crystals, grew from the SiC saturated CoSi molten alloy. The largest SiC crystals exceed half millimetre in size, after 25h of isothermal dwelling at 1700 degrees C in the melt infiltration process. The nature of the growth mechanism, the crystal defects and the effects of constituent materials, temperature and time on the abnormal grain growth of SiC single crystals are further discussed.



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Materials Science


Gao, MX; Pan, Y; Oliveira, FJ; Yang, GY; Vieira, JM

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