Enhanced Magnetization and Ferroelectric Switching in Multiferroic BST/BNFO Superstructures


Multiferroic BaSrTiO3/NdBiFeO3 (BST/BNFO) mulilayers with 3 nm and 6 nm layer thickness demonstrate superlattice structure in the XRD patterns. The break of the spin cycloide and interface strain results in ferromagnetic behavior and enhancement of magnetization. The total thickness of BNFO is varied in the range of 50-60 nm, and saturation magnetization is varied in the range of 50-60 emu/cm(3), which is an order of magnitude higher than reported for BaTiO3/BiFeO3 superstructure [1]. Polarization hysteresis loop were obtained by second harmonic generation technique and show significant electro-optical switchability. Both magnetization and ferroelectric polarization possess bulk rather than interface localization.




Materials Science; Physics


Ivanov, MS; Sherstyuk, NE; Mishina, ED; Sigov, AS; Mukhortov, VM; Moshnyaga, VT

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Parts of this work were supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation (Center of Collective Users

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