Ferromagnetic properties of GdN thin films studied by temperature dependent circular polarized spectroscopy


Magneto-optical properties of GdN thin films have been investigated by employing temperature dependent optical circular dichroism spectroscopy and angular dependent resonance field measurement. Spin-splitting in the band structure of GdN thin films has been evaluated by optical circular dichroism absorbance spectra, and the manifested spin-splitting energy ascribed to the difference between majority and minority spin band states in GdN. The plot of left circular polarization and right circular polarization bandgap reflects the half-hysteresis loop (positive side) trend, which is evidenced by magnetization measurements. The angular dependent resonance field measurements showed strong magnetic anisotropy along in-plane of GdN, which is attributed to the disturbance in the spin alignment in GdN. We demonstrate that the ferromagnetic properties depend on the film thickness. These results provide a pathway to control the spin ordering using circularly polarized light and the magnetic anisotropy. (C) 2012 American Institute of Physics. [http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4746265]






Yoshitomi, H; Vidyasagar, R; Kitayama, S; Kita, T; Ohta, H; Okubo, S; Fukuoka, Y; Sakurai, T

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