PET/CT Imaging with an F-18-Labeled Galactodendritic Unit in a Galectin-1-Overexpressing Orthotopic Bladder Cancer Model


Galectins are carbohydrate-binding proteins overexpressed in bladder cancer (BCa) cells. Dendritic galactose moieties have a high affinity for galectin-expressing tumor cells. We radiolabeled a dendritic galactose carbohydrate with F-18 (F-18-labeled galactodendritic unit 4) and examined its potential in imaging urothelial malignancies. Methods: The F-18-labeled first-generation galactodendritic unit 4 was obtained from its tosylate precursor. We conducted in vivo studies in a galectin-expressing UMUC3 orthotopic BCa model to determine the ability of F-18-labeled galactodendritic unit 4 to image BCa. Results: Intravesical administration of F-18-labeled galactodendritic unit 4 allowed specific accumulation of the carbohydrate radiotracer in galectin-1-overexpressing UMUC3 orthotopic tumors when imaged with PET. The F-18-labeled galactodendritic unit 4 was not found to accumulate in nontumor murine bladders. Conclusion: The F-18-labeled galactodendritic unit 4 and similar analogs may be clinically relevant and exploitable for PET imaging of galectin-1-overexpressing bladder tumors.




Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging


Pereira, PMR; Roberts, S; Figueira, F; Tome, JPC; Reiner, T; Lewis, JS

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