Synthesis and characterization of SrBi2Nb2O9 powders prepared by a new chemical method


SrBi2Nb2O9 (SBN) is a Bi-layered perovskite compound that, due to it relatively high Curie temperature, has potential application as high ceramic transducer. The preparation of SBN by the conventional solid state route requires high temperatures (above 1000degreesC) which allow significant bismuth losses, leading to non-stoichiometric compositions. This work describes a new method to obtain SBN that overcomes this problem. Compared to sol-gel methods, it has the advantage of using reagents that are less toxic and less expensive than the alkoxides used by these chemical methods. The thermal behavior of SBN precursors prepared by this new method is compared to that observed by the conventional solid state route. This new method offers the possibility of producing SBN at lower temperatures than those needed by the conventional route.




Materials Science


Aguilar, GG; Costa, MEV

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