Giant Polarization in Quasi-Adiabatic Ferroelectric Na+ Electrolyte for Solid-State Energy Harvesting and Storage

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Gold Nanoparticle Probes for Colorimetric Detection of Plasma Galectin-3: A simple and rapid approach

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Heat-sealable bioplastic films of blended locust bean and potato byproducts for active packaging of fatty foods: cheese and oat cookies as case studies

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Impact of Sea Warming and 17-α-Ethinylestradiol Exposure on the Lipid Metabolism of Ruditapes philippinarum Clams

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Improved bleached eucalyptus kraft pulp-based tissue papers incorporating wet-strength resins

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Influence of glycerol, eggshells, and genipin on hydrophobicity and rigidity of antioxidant locust bean milling dust-derived bioplastics

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Insight into the mechanisms involved in the removal of toxic, rare earth, and platinum elements from complex mixtures by Ulva sp.

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Inter and intra molecular dynamics in Poly(trimethylene 2,5-furanoate) as revealed by infrared and Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopies

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Interactions between Ionic Cellulose Derivatives Recycled from Textile Wastes and Surfactants: Interfacial, Aggregation and Wettability Studies

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Low-Temperature Electrowinning of Iron from Mixed Hematite-Magnetite Alkaline Suspensions

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LSPR-Based Aptasensor for Rapid Urinary Detection of NT-proBNP

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Luminescent Pb-free perovskites: low-cytotoxic materials for primary thermal sensing

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Magnetic nanosorbents of γ-polyglutamic acid for removing a β-blocker from water

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Magnetic‐based Strategies for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

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Marine-origin polysaccharides-based freestanding multilayered membranes as sustainable nanoreservoirs for controlled drug delivery

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Mechanical stimulation devices for mechanobiology studies: a market, literature, and patents review

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Metabolic Evaluation of Lupin-Enriched Yogurt by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Metabolomics

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Modeling the Solubility of Monoterpenoids with Hybrid and Predictive Thermodynamic Tools

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