Rational design of hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces: the next step towards advanced functional materials


Hybrid organic-inorganic (HOI) materials synthesized using soft inorganic chemistry allow a combination of organic and inorganic units at molecular/nanoscale level, thereby opening access to a wide spectrum of multifunctionality not possible with traditional concepts of materials science. These innovative multifunctional materials will have a major impact in many application domains (optics, electronics, mechanics, protective coatings, catalysis, and sensors). The nanostructure, degree of organization and properties of such materials do not only depend on the chemical nature and the synergies between their nano-units, but they also strongly rely on the interface they share. As a consequence, this research network will carry out detailed investigations of the design, control, and dynamics of HOI interfaces. Key actions for this COST Action are:
a) improved characterization methods of interfaces,
b) innovative computational approaches, and simulation of the interaction processes,
c) in situ studies of dynamic aspects controlling the formation of this interface,
d) role of the interface for process optimisation, devices, and applications.
The research programme of this COST Action fits perfectly with the technological requirements for hybrid materials identified by European industry defined by the European Technology Platform SusChem. The COST Action will contribute to enhance the position of European industry R&D, through creation of patents and industry collaborations


Luís António Ferreira Martins Dias Carlos


Centre national de la recherche scientifique





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