Ana Paula Mora Tavares

Assistant Researcher

A. Tavares graduated in Chemical Engineering at Estadual University of Rio de Janeiro in 1997 and completed a two-year MSc degree in Technology of Chemical and Biochemical Processes at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 2000. A. Tavares completed her PhD in Chemical Engineering at University of Aveiro, Portugal, in 2006. In 2007, A. Tavares received an Honourable Mention from the “Companhia União Fabril” (Portugal) for the scientific standards of her PhD thesis. From 2006-2009, Tavares was post-doctoral fellow at LSRE/FEUP, Portugal. In 2009 she started her independent career LSRE/FEUP under the program “Ciência 2008”. From September 2008 to June 2014 she had been teaching tutorial classes of Fundamentals of Chemistry at FEUP. From July 2014 to October 2015 A. Tavares was a post-doctoral fellow integrated in an European Research Council Grant (ERC-2013-StG-337753). She gives laboratory classes of Microbial Biotechnology at University of Aveiro. Since July 2017 A. Tavares is Auxiliary Researcher at CICECO-Aveiro Institute of Materials.

A. Tavares is participating in the COHITEC training program in technology commercialization. This program supports the valorization of the knowledge produced at Portuguese R&D institutions. The program has two main objectives: i) assessing the commercial viability of the products or services that can be obtained from the science / technology proposed by participant researchers ; ii) inducing entrepreneurial and technology commercialization skills in the participants.

Her research scientific interests include proteins, antibodies, enzymes, ionic liquids, biomolecules purification, aqueous biphasic systems for the extraction of proteins ans enzymes. fermentation, enzyme production, enzyme immobilization, nanomaterials, biocatalysis for organic synthesis and enzymatic reactions.

Ongoing Supervisions



Aliivibrio fischeri L-Asparaginase production by engineered Bacillus subtilis: a potential new biopharmaceutical

Bento, HBS; Paiva, GB; Almeida, MR; Silva, CG; Carvalho, PJ; Tavares, APM; Pedrolli, DB; Santos-Ebinuma, VC

An Overview on the Recent Advances in Alternative Solvents as Stabilizers of Proteins and Enzymes

Almeida, JS; Capela, EV; Loureiro, AM; Tavares, APM; Freire, MG

Cardoon Hydrolysate Detoxification by Activated Carbon or Membranes System for Bioethanol Production

Tavares, APM; Goncalves, MJA; Bras, T; Pesce, GR; Xavier, AMRB; Fernandes, MC
2022, ENERGIES, 15, 6.

Cholinium-Based Ionic Liquids as Efficient Media for Improving the Structural and Thermal Stability of Immunoglobulin G Antibodies

Dhiman, D; Bisht, M; Tavares, APM; Freire, MG; Venkatesu, P

Enhanced Enzyme Reuse through the Bioconjugation of L-Asparaginase and Silica-Based Supported Ionic Liquid-like Phase Materials

Nunes, JCF; Almeida, MR; Bento, RMF; Pereira, MM; Santos-Ebinuma, VC; Neves, MC; Freire, MG; Tavares, APM
2022, MOLECULES, 27, 3.

New liquid supports in the development of integrated platforms for the reuse of oxidative enzymes and polydopamine production

Magalhaes, FF; Pereira, AF; Freire, MG; Tavares, APM

Overview on Protein Extraction and Purification Using Ionic-Liquid-Based Processes

Nunes, JCF; Almeida, MR; Faria, JL; Silva, CG; Neves, MC; Freire, MG; Tavares, APM
2022, JOURNAL OF SOLUTION CHEMISTRY, 51, 3, 243-278.

Purification of immunoglobulin Y from egg yolk using thermoresponsive aqueous micellar two-phase systems comprising ionic liquids

Vicente, FA; Castro, LS; Mondal, D; Coutinho, JAP; Tavares, APM; Ventura, SPM; Freire, MG

Unveiling the Influence of Carbon Nanotube Diameter and Surface Modification on the Anchorage of L-Asparaginase

Cristovao, RO; Barros, RAM; Pinho, JG; Teixeira, LS; Neves, MC; Freire, MG; Faria, JL; Santos-Ebinuma, VC; Tavares, APM; Silva, CG

Sustainable liquid supports for laccase immobilization and reuse: Degradation of dyes in aqueous biphasic systems

Ferreira, AM; Valente, AI; Castro, LS; Coutinho, JAP; Freire, MG; Tavares, APM
ISBN: 1097-0290

Nucleic Acids Stabilization with Ionic Liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents

In Noureddine Abidi and Julia Shamshina (Eds.), Properties and Applications of Ionic Liquids
Almeida J.S.; Capela E.V.; Tavares A.P.M.; Freire M.G.
2023, Properties and Applications of Ionic Liquids, 181-218, Nova Science Publisher Inc..
ISBN: 979-888697873-5; 979-888697635-9

Microbial Enzymes in the Bioremediation of Pollutants

In Inamuddin, M.Phil (Eds.), Bioremediation for Environmental Pollutants
Flávia F. Magalhães, Maria I. Bonifácio, Ana M. Ferreira, Mara G. Freire and Ana P. M. Tavares
2023, 1-37, Benthan Science.
ISBN: 978-981-5123-53-1

Anti-Cancer Biosurfactants

In Springer (Eds.), Microbial Biosurfactants
Flávia F. Magalhães, João C. F. Nunes, Marília T. Araújo, Ana M. Ferreira, Mafalda R. Almeida, Mara G. Freire, Ana P. M. Tavares
2021, 159-196.
ISBN: 10.1007/978-981-15-6607-3_8

Recovery and Purification of (Bio)Pharmaceuticals Using (Nano)Materials

In Bentham Science (Eds.), Recent Advances in Analytical Techniques Volume: 4
Ana P. M. Tavares, Márcia C. Neves, Tito Trindade and Mara G. Freire
2020, 58-93.
ISBN: 978-981-14-0510-5

Biomedical-related applications of functionalized nanomaterials

In Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain (Eds.), Handbook of Functionalized Nanomaterials for Industrial Applications
Mafalda R. Almeida, Márcia C. Neves, Sergio Morales-Torres, Mara G. Freire, Joaquim L. Faria, Valeria C. Santos-Ebinuma, Cláudia G. Silva and Ana P.M. Tavares
2020, 205-230, Elsevier.
ISBN: 9780128167885

Purification, characterization and clinical applications of therapeutic fungal enzymes

In Pankaj Kumar Chaurasia and Shashi Lata Bharati (Eds.), Research Advances in the Fungal World: Culture, Isolation, Identification, Classification, Characterization, Properties and Kinetics
Mafalda R. Almeida, Ana M. Ferreira, João C. F. Nunes and Ana P. M. Tavares
2020, 273-320, Nova Science Publishers.
ISBN: 978-1-53617-197-6

Laccase Properties, Reaction Mechanisms and Applications: An Overview

In Amanda Harris (Eds.), Laccase: Applications, Investigations and Insights
Ana P.M. Tavares, Cláudia G. Silva and Ana M.R.B. Xavier
2017, 1-26, Nova Science Publishers Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-53610-556-8

Biotechnology in Pulp and Paper Industry

In Shishir Sinha (Eds.), Biotechnology Volume 12: Bioprocess Engineering
Ana P. M. Tavares, Ana M. R. B. Xavier, Dmitry Evtugin
2014, 191-212, New Delhi , Studium Press LLC.
ISBN: 1-626990-27-1

Application of Oxidative Enzymes in the Treatment of Industrial Effluents

In Masood Ahmad (Eds.), Biotechnology Volume 11: Biodegradation and Bioremediation
Ana P. M. Tavares, Ana M. R. B. Xavier
2014, 191-212, New Delhi , Studium Press LLC.
ISBN: 1-626990-26-3

New Generations of Ionic Liquids Applied to Enzymatic Biocatalysis

In Jun-ichi Kadokawa (Eds.), Ionic Liquids New Aspects for the Future
Ana P. M. Tavares, Oscar Rodríguez , Eugénia A. Macedo
2013, 537-556.
ISBN: 978-953-51-0937-2

Ionic liquids: alternative reactive media for oxidative enzymes

In Alexander Kokorin (Eds.), Ionic Liquids: Applications and Perspectives
Oscar Rodriguez, Ana P.M. Tavares, Raquel Cristóvão and Eugénia A. Macedo
2011, 499-516, Rijeka, IntechOpen.
ISBN: 978-953-307-248-7

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