Nanocellular blocks for stonework construction


The present invention is concerned with a very porous ceramic block (cellular composite) for wall building, based on magnesium phosphate cement, having a mechanical strength rarely found in products with comparable porosity and low density, which acts as thermal insulator and sound absorption network. By combining the versatility of manufacture and resistance to fire, with construction functionality provided by the parts design, this block can be used in the building industry as partition wall block and utilities envelope (e.g. hydro-sanitary, gas and electricity, telecommunications) offering easy construction, comfort by thermal insulation and sound absorption, and fire protection. The use of this block results in energy efficiency due to better thermal performance of buildings, reduction of budget costs per linear meter built due to easy quantification of blocks required, and the possibility of performing fast constructions, with architectural flexibility, contributing to a sustainable post-modernity.

Innovative aspects & main advantages

This is a line of pre-fabricated construction blocks with multiple functionalities that explores the easy production of magnesium phosphate based porous ceramic artefacts. The construction blocks simultaneously meet the requirements for mechanical strength and fire safety, as well as human thermal and acoustic comfort, resulting in “breathing buildings” with improved energy efficiency and reduced budget cost per built linear meter, with architecture and design flexibility.


The pre-fabricated blocks can be used in partition walls and can accommodate utilities distribution networks (hydro-sanitary, gas, electricity, telecommunications). The ease of production enables the inclusion of interlocking features that result in a “Lego”-type construction with reduced use of mortar.


Segadães, Ana; Morelli, Márcio; Zurba, Nadia

Our Inventors


Fundação Unversidade Federal de São Carlos
Universidade de Aveiro
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