Enhanced manufacturing of aluminium alloys products for environmentally transportation sector

Main Local Researcher

Gabriela Vincze (TEMA)


Universidade de Aveiro (UA)


Analysis of ESAFORM 2021 cup drawing benchmark of an Al alloy, critical factors for accuracy and efficiency of FE simulations

Habraken, AM; Aksen, TA; Alves, JL; Amaral, RL; Betaieb, E; Chandola, N; Corallo, L; Cruz, DJ; Duchene, L; Engel, B; Esener, E; Firat, M; Frohn-Sorensen, P; Galan-Lopez, J; Ghiabakloo, H; Kestens, LAI; Lian, JH; Lingam, R; Liu, WC; Ma, J; Menezes, LF; Tuan, NM; Miranda, SS; Neto, DM; Pereira, AFG; Prates, PA; Reuter, J; Revil-Baudard, B; Rojas-Ulloa, C; Sener, B; Shen, FH; Van Bael, A; Verleysen, P; Barlat, F; Cazacu, O; Kuwabara, T; Lopes, A; Oliveira, MC; Santos, AD; Vincze, G


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