Electrochemical Conversion of Fuels (ECOFUELS)
funding type Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
programme Programa Nacional de Re-equipamento Científico (PNRC)
research group(s) 3 - carbon materials, composites and functional coatings;
department Materials and Ceramic Engineering (DEMaC)
execution dates 2005-07-01 - 2006-12-31 ( 18 Months )
The improvement of our scientific infrastructures served our goal to pursue internationalization through international projects or other collaborations, interexchange of students, co-authorship of large numbers of scientific papers and participation in the organization of scientific events. The team also established stronger contacts with other research groups in Portugal, including the Consortium ÉDEN, with R&D activities in eletrochemical systems for energy conversion, the so-called hydrogen society and to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. Our research activities, which have been mainly focused on high temperature electrochemical systems, are being extended to low or intermediate temperatures. New projects have been started or prepared on new areas of energy, including renewable energies, environment, and carbon dioxide mitigation or sequestration. The group has also contributed to public awareness about the importance of energy, environment, and the role of materials on the issues, with emphasis on actions dedicated to high school students.

Equipment purchased

Frequency Response Analyser
Electrochemical reactors with gas lines and gas analysis by chromatography
Scanning Vibrating Electrode
Furnace for Sintering under Controlled Atmospheres
Response frequency anayser with patentiostat for electrochemical measurements
High pressure/high temperature reactor
/local pi
Jorge Ribeiro Frade
ciceco status Coordinator
proponent institution Universidade de Aveiro (UA)
partner institution(s) no
industrial partner(s) no
international partner(s) no
total budget 265.650€
ciceco budget 265.650€
project code 3.89.42
link http://www.fct.pt/apoios/equipamento/equipa?pid=710