European network of FURan based chemicals and materials FOR a Sustainable development
tipo de financiamento European Comission
programa COST Actions
referência alternative CA18220
grupo(s) de investigação 4 - biorrefinarias, materiais de origem biológica e reciclagem;
6 - simulação computacional e modelação multi-escala;
departamento Chemistry (DQ)
período de execução 2019-12-01 - 2020-04-30 ( 5 Meses )
Modern society relies on a huge quantity of polymeric materials. However, today, these materials are still almost exclusively based on fossil-resources and evolution to a more sustainable model of development is required.

In this perspective, biomass and, in particular carbohydrates from, for example, low value biomass wastes, are outstanding starting feedstocks for the production of added-value chemicals and products. One of such is 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA). Nevertheless, efforts on FDCA-based products development have been scattered in individual scientific activities, and moreover joint efforts between Academy and Industry have also been rare, hampering their successful industrialisation and market introduction.

Precisely, this Action will master the scattered pan-European individual efforts to design innovative routes to FDCA-based chemicals and polymeric materials towards lab-to-industry-to-market, by gathering, for the first time, a real critical mass along the complete value-chain, including several experts in FDCA synthesis, polymer science and general materials developing and chemical-physics; together with producer, manufacture and recycling industrial stakeholders; LCA and techno-economic viability experts.

The Action will accomplish these targets by pursuing two-parallel strategies. Firstly, supporting an ‘holistic vision’ in which FDCA synthetic routes, polymers & polymeric materials development, characterisation, as well as key technical, economic, environmental and social factors are considered together, aiming at supporting and identifying solutions to successful market introduction. Secondly, using intersectorial knowledge, supported by dissemination and networking tools to provide an open platform for collaboration and a common vision addressing research, human resources qualification and industrial implementation.
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Andreia Fernandes de Sousa
ciceco status Coordenador
instituíção proponente Universidade de Aveiro (UA)
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