A combined SEM and CV study of solid oxide fuel cell interconnect steels


Scanning electron microscopy and cyclic voltammetry were used to investigate the high-temperature oxidation behavior of two solid oxide fuel cell interconnect steels. One alloy had a low content of manganese; the other alloy had a high content of manganese. Four reduction and four oxidation peaks were observed in the voltammograms of the low manganese alloy at a temperature of 800 A degrees C. The voltammograms of the alloy with a high content of manganese were different. At 600 A degrees C, three reduction peaks and two oxidation peaks were observed. At 800 A degrees C, additional peaks were observed in the voltammogram for this alloy.

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Hansen, KK; Ofoegbu, SU; Mikkelsen, L

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The technical staff at the Fuel Cells and Solid-State Chemistry Division is thanked for help with the preparation of samples. Financial support from energinet.dk is gratefully acknowledged.

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