An atomic force microscopy mode for nondestructive electromechanical studies and its application to diphenylalanine peptide nanotubes
authors Kalinin, A; Atepalikhin, V; Pakhomov, O; Kholkin, AL; Tselev, A
nationality International
author keywords Atomic force microscopy; Piezoresponse force microscopy; Peptide tubes; Nondestructive scanning probe imaging; Young's modulus
abstract Nondestructive scanning probe microscopy of fragile nanoscale objects is currently in increasing need. In this paper, we report a novel atomic force microscopy mode, HybriD Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (HD-PFM), for simultaneous nondestructive analysis of piezoresponse as well as of mechanical and dielectric properties of nanoscale objects. We demonstrate this mode in application to self-assembled diphenylalanine peptide micro- and nanotubes formed on a gold-covered substrate. Nondestructive in- and out-of-plane piezoresponse measurements of tubes of less than 100 nm in diameter are demonstrated for the first time. High-resolution maps of tube elastic properties were obtained simultaneously with HD-PFM. Analysis of the measurement data combined with the finite-elements simulations allowed quantification of tube Young's modulus. The obtained value of 29 +/- 1 GPa agrees well with the data obtained with other methods and reported in the literature. (C) 2017 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
issn 0304-3991
year published 2018
volume 185
beginning page 49
ending page 54
digital object identifier (doi) 10.1016/j.ultramic.2017.11.009
web of science category Microscopy
subject category Microscopy
unique article identifier WOS:000423963900008
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