Multi-Organ NMR Metabolomics to Assess In Vivo Overall Metabolic Impact of Cisplatin in Mice
authors Carneiro, TJ; Araujo, R; Vojtek, M; Goncalves-Monteiro, S; Diniz, C; de Carvalho, ALMB; Marques, MPM; Gil, AM
nationality International
author keywords cisplatin; mice; mouse model; in vivo; NMR; metabolomics; metabonomics; kidney; liver; breast tissue
abstract This work describes, to our knowledge, the first NMR metabolomics analysis of mice kidney, liver, and breast tissue in response to cisplatin exposure, in search of early metabolic signatures of cisplatin biotoxicity. Balb/c mice were exposed to a single 3.5 mg/kg dose of cisplatin and then euthanized; organs (kidney, liver, breast tissue) were collected at 1, 12, and 48 h. Polar tissue extracts were analyzed by NMR spectroscopy, and the resulting spectra were studied by multivariate and univariate analyses. The results enabled the identification of the most significant deviant metabolite levels at each time point, and for each tissue type, and showed that the largest metabolic impact occurs for kidney, as early as 1 h post-injection. Kidney tissue showed a marked depletion in several amino acids, comprised in an overall 13-metabolites signature. The highest number of changes in all tissues was noted at 12 h, although many of those recovered to control levels at 48 h, with the exception of some persistently deviant tissue-specific metabolites, thus enabling the identification of relatively longer-term effects of cDDP. This work reports, for the first time, early (1-48 h) concomitant effects of cDDP in kidney, liver, and breast tissue metabolism, thus contributing to the understanding of multi-organ cDDP biotoxicity.
publisher MDPI
isbn 2218-1989
year published 2019
volume 9
issue 11
digital object identifier (doi) 10.3390/metabo9110279
web of science category Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
subject category Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
unique article identifier WOS:000501174700025
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