Synthesis and multiferroic properties of Bi(0.8)A(0.2)FeO(3) (A=Ca,Sr,Pb) ceramics


Bi(1-x)A(x)FeO(3) ceramics (A=Ca,Sr,Pb) were sintered by conventional mixed oxide route. The crystallographic structure of all samples is characterized by the rhombohedral symmetry (space group R3c). The existence of switchable ferroelectric polarization is verified by piezoresponse force microscopy that is proven to be a useful technique in semi-insulating ferroelectrics. Magnetic properties of Ca and Sr-doped ceramics are found to reproduce the antiferromagnetic behavior of undoped BiFeO3 without any enhancement of the magnetization. On the contrary, Pb-doped compound demonstrates appearance of a weak ferromagnetism. It is thus shown that Pb doping of BiFeO3 is a promising way for preparing multiferroic materials. (c) 2007 American Institute of Physics.



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Khomchenko, VA; Kiselev, DA; Vieira, JM; Kholkin, AL; Sa, MA; Pogorelov, YG

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