A multi-electrode cell for high-throughput SVET screening of corrosion inhibitors


This communication introduces a novel approach for high-throughput screening of corrosion inhibitors using a multi-electrode cell combined with SVET (Scanning Vibrating Electrode Technique). The method has the advantage of saving time and materials. The cell is constituted by wire electrodes composed by the different metallic materials to be tested. SVET is used as the electrochemical tool to assess the corrosion on the metal wires in the multi-electrode cell, allowing to measure the localized cathodic and anodic currents. When inhibitive species are added to the test electrolyte their protection efficiency can be evaluated for the different materials in single experiment. (C) 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.



subject category

Materials Science; Metallurgy & Metallurgical Engineering


Kallip, S; Bastos, AC; Zheludkevich, ML; Ferreira, MGS

our authors


European FP7 project

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