Novel microporous luminescenteuropium(III) silicate


The chemistry of novel mixed tetrahedral-octahedral (or pentahedral) microporous (Ti, Zr, V, Nb, Sn) silicates has been recently extended to lanthanide elements. Although research into zeolites made luminescent by lanthanide-doping is not new, the preparation of zeolite-type materials with stoichiometric amounts of lanthanides within the framework is an promising emerging field. These new materials combine in a single stable solid microporosity and tunable optical properties ranging from infrared luminescence to X-ray scintillation. Here we report the synthesis, structural characterisation and luminescence properties of a novel microporous sodium europium(III) silicate, [Na-3(EuSi6O15)center dot 2(H2O)](n), AV-21 (Aveiro microporous solid number 21).



subject category

Chemistry; Materials Science


Rocha, J; Carlos, LD; Paz, FAA; Ananias, D; Klinowski, J

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